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Influencer marketing content:

The demand for authenticity and transparency in influencer marketing content sharing is growing. Constant challenge of staying relevant and authentic on social media is a daily challenge, as ads fill social media feeds more than ever. Content creation is not longer a one way road with brands advertising. Influencer marketing is a real game changer to how brands communicate with their audience. 

Before that, let’s know the type of influencers you can select from, if you are a marketer.

Micro and macro influencers

You have probably heard about this 2 terms a lot. As the term micro suggests, micro-influencers are classified to have less than 100,000 followers. While macro, is the direct opposite, with more followers.

Many marketers are relying heavily on influencers within their content strategy. Micro-influencers are the real power houses with control over a niche industry and specific audiences. In fact, influencers that have under 10,000 followers account for the majority of profiles mentioned by the fashion and beauty industry; that’s 37% from fashion and 43% from beauty. 

Half the battle is keeping that audience engaged. They face the challenge of curating content that resonates with the right people. Reaching the right demographic and niche audiences will be a key focus for marketers in 2018. This is particularly why micro-influencer marketing is gaining so much attention.

micro vs macro influencer, influencer marketing, social media marketing

TIP: Micro-influencers have higher engagement than macro-influencers, at a fraction of the cost.

According to research from Forrester, Influencer – and User Generated Content – helps customers discover and inform their purchase decisions: 37% of customers visit a brand’s website to research products or services, and 49% use a search engine, leveraging blogs, UGC, and reviews to explore product offerings.

Risks calculating

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When developing an influencer marketing strategy, it’s critical that you calculate the potential ROI from such partnerships. For instance, if you’re a brand, you might garner a great deal of interactions from a influencer with great following, but the cost of having this partnership could outweigh the potential ROI.

Compare these numbers with working with a few micro-influencers. Perhaps these micro-influencer could be a better option because they receive more engagement than a celebrity.

Do not forget that

Audiences are looking for authentic forms of content, and influencer recommendations are becoming the new currency of transparency to build consumer trust.

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